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Entertainment AR For Supplies and Gifts


The objective of this project was to create a cutting-edge experience that could capture the imagination and win over parents, surprise, and produce a wow effect for the kids. An exclusive AR experience is created to bring gifts and party supplies to life, amongst which was the brand's music box that has become a popular gift choice for little girls among Amazon shoppers. To realize the experience, an AR app called Wonderstruck was created to bring all the characters to life. The goal of this project was to entwine the company values of delivering children's party supplies and gifts, created with love, attention to detail, and a personal touch, into an entertaining and immersive experience while bringing excitement to the kids and encouraging families to build memories together.


Created technology used toys from the brand collection as AR experience launch markers, animating characters with motion in real-time, enabling to:

Give classic toys a spectacular modern twist.

Integrate the full product catalog into the AR experience.

Capture photos and videos for memory building and social media sharing.

Access AR app through iOS and Android compatible devices.

Connect children to long-standing traditions by giving traditional gifts.

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