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AR / Education

Augmented Reality Mind Map


A one of a kind immersive AR tools based on the human brains ability to understand 3D spaces and structures that enable users to recognize and recall any data. AR solves the limitations of traditional 2D mind maps and flowcharts, making relationships and nodes more comprehensible. This solution enables high-level management, handling, and visualization of any data complexity level in an interactive, graceful, and efficient manner.


Multidimensionality of the created solution enables grouping, manipulation, and interaction with multiple objects, items, and data sources simultaneously through:

Spatial placement and real-world alignment. 

Possibility to share Mind Map AR files, export information, cast to big screens for group collaboration.

Ongoing updates and improvements based on user experience, feedback, and the release of new hardware technology. 

Solving the difficulty of displaying complex concepts in traditional data management tools. 

Collaboration and interaction with the same mind map by multiple users simultaneously. 

Content rich mind map nodes, allowing content integration from multiple external sources. 

Capability to demonstrate mind maps on external screens and devices for education and multiple user collaboration purposes. 

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