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Feeling ADHD VR Simulation


The created VR Simulation enables users to experience how a child with ADHD perceives the world from the first party perspective. The immersive solution allowed to capture and simulate experiences, emotions and reactions of a third-grade male student who is diagnosed with ADHD. The immersive ADHD VR Simulation was developed for US National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET).


The experience has a distinct beginning and ending, but the classroom experience (i.e. the distractions) will occur at the user’s will. When the user looks around the room, his/her gaze will trigger the distractions. The experience was developed to raise public awareness through empathy and allowed users to better understand children that have the ADHD condition as well learn how to help such patients. Immersive technology allows you to deep dive and firsthand experience a fraction of someone's life experience or challenge.

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