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Procter & Gamble

AR / Retail

AR Shelving Solution


The objective of this project was to create an immersive AR solution that will simplify the work of trade marketers and merchandisers for product placement configurations at standard or unique brick and mortar locations. The solution integrated merchandising elements, POS materials, visualizations, planograms, and 1-to-1, precisely recreated products into an AR app, allowing the creation of custom-made fitted solutions for any display location. All augmented shelf and placement solutions can be embedded into the real ones replicating lighting, shadows, angles of view in order to create a realistic merchandising depiction.


This solution allows to automatically fix the selected elements in space via AR spatial anchors, where they would remain unmoved throughout the duration of the app use, enabling context-aware object occlusion and reacting with the environment as physical products would, allowing to: 

Potentially increase the planning and merchandising speed by 40%, optimizing time, and workforce.

Easier and more time-efficient training of new personnel, minimizing error, ensuring proper brand presence based on brand guidelines for visual communication. 

Visualization of full placement options, merchandising elements, and POS materials.

Usage of digital planograms acting as a negotiation tool for placement and POS materials,  enabling trade marketing and sales representative to ensure better communication with the client.

100% precision during product recreation using CAD models.

Real-time AR 3D product placement.

Visual data collection for further analysis, sharing, and approval.

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