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Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Wechat

AR / Retail / Entertainment / E-commerce

Immersive Solutions for Social Media Platforms


With AR filters and masks, we can transport brand value to any social media platform, engage and entertain audiences as well as build a sense of unity within different groups. AR filters unravel storytelling possibilities and help with the social media part of the customer journey, allowing brands to interact with their audiences while transforming their experience. Numerous opportunities arise from implementing AR into the brand’s social media strategy, enabling users to explore the topics of education, sustainability, charity, and much more, creating more value and stronger long-lasting relationships with the community.


Lucid Reality Labs team contributes highly to bringing the AR experiences to both clients and end-consumers by:

Taking part in the brainstorm, sharing ideas and expertise.

Assisting with the filter concept creation and realization methods.

Consulting on implementation and storytelling directions, helping build added value for end consumers.

Building engaging AR filters for businesses and independent user.

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