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VR Immersive Education Platform


The objective of the project was to create a Virtual Reality education platform developed for Oculus Quest 2 that universities, schools and other organizations can use to host and enhance their online events with immersive experience.  A platform that enables remote groups of people to feel present and serves to extend the traditional online experiences. The goal of the project was to build an immersive education platform that allows to bring students and professors from around the globe together, to collaborate and study, while feeling engaged and present, without having to physically relocate. 


An interactive platform that can be scaled and customized for any institution or university was developed, where students have an opportunity to continue their learning process by switching between the VR platform and their mobile devices. The experience was built based on the three core values - seamless and immersive user experience, data security and privacy as well as final product quality and attention to details. Participants are able to engage in the virtual space with the professor, who can share presentations, write and draw in the virtual space, show virtual objects, rotate the view as well as zoom in and out within the space. The VR experience is an excellent analogue to traditional education methods as it erases the borders for students that are no longer able to relocate freely, helping them come together.

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