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Web AR Fashion Product Presentation


The objective of this project was to create an immersive experience for the opening ceremony of new Mulberry showrooms in Japan, concurring with the introduction of new highly customizable product collections in Japan and Canada. The Web AR experience was built through merging online and offline worlds to surprise and mesmerize the audience and allow them to select, adjust and customize items from the new product line through a web-based tool without requiring a mobile app. A QR code on the back of the event coaster triggered a browser opening notification, which allowed the user to launch the experience. The logo on the front of the event coaster served as an image marker summoning an AR product from the new collection. Once the user was satisfied with the customization, he/she could go over to the newly generated product web page to finish their shopping process.


Event coasters with image markers were used all over Japan and Canada enabling this experience for users outside of the event, sharing emotions and news of the new Japanese showroom as well as a worldwide product launch. The AR experience combined:

High-quality photogrammetry (bags model visualization via physical-based rendering) to create a catalog of all possible products with 1-to-1 precision.

Analytics of web tool usage, allowing the user to see the number of interactions performed with each product, best sellers, most preferred sizes, colors, etc.

Multilingual support, adaptation, and visualization of Japanese, English and French web AR versions.

Control of the virtual products through image marker rotation and change of angle. 

Working closely with a UK based creative agency as a technical partner to realize the idea of hosting multiple AR supported events across the globe.

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