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Alliances to disrupt XR industry: Strategic moves from Meta, LG, Sony, Samsung and others

In the rapidly evolving XR market, speed drives competition and nurtures major players to unite, aiming for rapid, effective advancements to secure leading positions.

At Lucid Reality Labs, we witness these alliances as more than just partnerships; they represent a seismic shift in the immersive landscape. Major industry leaders like Meta, Sony, and Samsung are strategically aligning forces, redefining immersive experiences, and catalyzing spatial transformations across various sectors. Let’s delve into some of the recent big moves that may bring strategic advantages to the companies and new opportunities to the markets that started or are thinking of implementing XR to grow.


 The image shows a virtual reality headset with the logos of Sony and Siemens on it. The headset is black and gray, and it has two lenses on the front. There is a headband on the top of the headset, and there are two controllers on either side of the headset. The controllers are black and gray, and they have buttons and joysticks on them.

Sony and Siemens Announce Immersive Spatial Content Creation System

Sony + Siemens: Crafting the Future of Immersive Design

Siemens, teaming up with Sony, made a strategic move to disrupt the XR market, revolutionizing the immersive design experience for professionals in the field and creating a #XR headset tailored for creators. Sony calls their solution an “immersive spatial content creation system” with an XR head-mounted display equipped with a video see-through function and controllers optimized for intuitive interaction with spatial objects and precise pointing. The headset creators claim that their users can even operate a keyboard while wearing the device—a massive success for designers dangling on keyboard shortcuts.

With this solution, Siemens, already working on industrial software and having its Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, hopes to take the content creation for the industrial immersive solution to the next level, offering more immersive creative experiences for various applications in different business domains. The system called NX™ Immersive Designer will become available later in 2024.


Rendering of a virtual reality headset by Lucid Reality Labs featuring the logos of Meta and LG, symbolizing their reported collaboration on a new high-end mixed reality headset.

Meta and LG VR Headset Partnership


Meta + LG: Pioneering the Next-Generation VR Experience

Meta and LG are reportedly partnering to develop the next Quest Pro headset, which is scheduled to launch in the first half of the year. Suppose Meta and LG are teaming up for a future VR headset; it may imply integration of webOS, LG’s TV operating system, hinting at a virtual LG TV experience on the headset, potentially offering seamless access to various content services. With the possible inclusion of Codec Avatars, Meta’s project for realistic avatars, the Quest Pro 2 could revolutionize remote communication, presenting a formidable competitor in the high-end headset market, currently dominated by Apple.


Illustration by Lucid Reality Labs with the logos of Samsung, Google, and Qualcomm on it.

Samsung, Google, and Qualcomm Join Forces for Immersive XR Headset

Samsung + Google + Qualcomm: Gathering “Ace Talents” to Shape the Industry

Another device release in 2024 is Samsung’s VR/AR headset, which is now being developed in collaboration with Google and Qualcomm and marks another alliance of the market giants. While Samsung focuses on hardware, Google focuses on software, and Qualcomm spearheads the creation of chipsets for the emerging XR platform. The headset is anticipated to have features like more cameras for better Mixed Reality, Eye Tracking, Face Tracking, and more. Another evidence that XR is becoming a big deal in corporate life is that the Samsung Immersive Team, initially consisting of only a few members, has expanded to 100 “Ace Talents,” delivering powerful signals to businesses worldwide about future XR focus of the Industry.

Lucid Reality Labs: Envisioning a Spatially Transformed Future

At Lucid Reality Labs, we recognize these partnerships as pivotal in driving the spatial transformation of industries. By fostering unique immersive content, these collaborations pave the way for revolutionary applications in Healthcare, Medtech, Military, Aerospace, and beyond. As a leading XR development company, we remain committed to harnessing the full potential of immersive technologies, from concept and design to development and support, with a strategic focus on sectors such as Healthcare, Life Science, Aerospace, and Defense.

These strategic alliances within the XR industry are not merely reshaping the competitive landscape; they are unlocking new dimensions of possibilities for businesses worldwide, enabling them to thrive through innovative XR solutions.

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