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Full Cycle Virtual Reality (VR) Development Company

Lucid Reality Labs

Virtual reality solutions from concept & design to development and support. VR Trainings & Simulations for Healthcare, MedTech, Pharma, Defense, Aerospace and more.

VR Solutions

with elements of gamification for various training, education, and collaboration scenarios, where users can explore, interact, learn and build skills as well as master procedures attached to the role in a risk-free, controlled environment.

AR Solutions

real-world enhancement with digital twins and visual overlays that enable countless possibilities for business across all industries. Our solutions transform the way people perceive information, play, learn, collaborate, shop, socialize, and explore the world.

Metaverse Solutions

that enable users to connect and interact in a unified virtual universe, feeling present and engaged. We create hybrid enterprise ecosystems connecting professionals in the metaverse space by the means of AR, VR and MR.

MR Solutions

that merge physical and digital worlds, people, and virtual beings, revealing new opportunities for human, computer, and environment interactions. We create new forms of remote collaboration, operations improvement, reskilling, and upskilling of your workforce, while promoting safety and creativity.

iXR™ Solutions

stands for Intelligent Extended Reality solutions. These complex solutions combine AI and Spatial Technology, creating the synergy of both hyper-realistic immersion in the interactive virtual world while ensuring the AI algorithms empower the solution with the personalized experience and advanced capabilities.

R&D Enterprise Solutions

that enable private and public sector clients to explore and utilize Spatial Computing Technology opportunities for their business, prototyping new and transforming existing products and solutions. We advise, design and implement, creating innovative know-how that challenges existing approaches.

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VR / Healthcare
Medical VR Intubation Simulation
Medtronic McGRATH™ MAC is the World's first interactive and immersive VR intubation simulation experience to demonstrate the product and to train practitioners and medical students.
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VR / Education
Aerospace VR Maintenance Simulation
VR Maintenance Simulator is a VR training and upskilling experience for aerospace specialists that enables users to practice their jet turbine engine assembling skills to ensure maintenance process precision.
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VR / Healthcare / Education
Medical VR Training for Nurses
Medtronic HysteroLux™ is an immersive and interactive VR experience to train nurses on how to set up and use HysteroLux™ Fluid Management System.
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