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Lucid Reality Labs at AWE US: Designing for Scale to Certify 300,000 American Red Cross Lifeguards Yearly using VR

Alliancing for Ecosystem Competition: What Google and Magic Leap’s partnership can bring to the XR market?

4 min read June 4, 2024

Lucid Reality Labs recognized the 2024 Spring Clutch Champion

2 min read May 28, 2024

Lucid Reality Labsʼ triple win at the 45th Telly’s: Going beyond the frame with Medtronic, Doxy.me, and Philips Healthcare

3 min read May 24, 2024

Three Trends That Shape XR Today: Apple & Meta Scenarios

7 min read May 14, 2024

Meta Llama 3: Advancing Code Generation and Community-Driven AI

3 min read May 2, 2024

New XR Horizon: Meta consolidates the Market with its Ecosystem

6 min read April 26, 2024

The state-of-the-art Quantum Computing & Spatial Personas launch: XR news from Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, NVIDIA and Magic Leap

5 min read April 16, 2024

Meet Lucid Reality Labs at the VRARA Central Florida Immersive Technology Summit 2024

4 min read April 10, 2024

Oscars of the Internet: Vote for Lucid Reality Labs in the Webby Awards Finals!

2 min read April 4, 2024

Integrating AI with Digital Twins in Healthcare: Meet us at Barrow Robotics and Technology Symposium

2 min read April 3, 2024

Lucid Reality Labs won three Gold MUSE Awards for best VR solutions and Cause Marketing

3 min read April 3, 2024

NVIDIA’s New Superpowers: Digital Twins & AI-powered XR, partnership with Apple and Magic Leap

4 min read March 22, 2024

Lucid Reality Labs Recognized by the Manifest as the Most-Reviewed AI Developer in Miami

2 min read March 5, 2024

Alliances to disrupt XR industry: Strategic moves from Meta, LG, Sony, Samsung and others

4 min read February 28, 2024

Text-to-Spatial: Elevating XR Realities with AI

4 min read February 23, 2024

Accelerating MedTec: Lucid Reality Labs joined the Medical Enterprise Technology Consortium

3 min read February 22, 2024

Lucid Reality Labs joined American Medical Extended Reality Association

2 min read February 19, 2024

Resolving global challenges in Healthcare, Military, and Education: Key Takeaways from the VRARA Summit

2 min read February 19, 2024

Maturing of XR: Meta’s Revenue Milestone, Apple’s Market Excitement, and New Industries Expansion

5 min read February 12, 2024

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