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28 Dec 2021 How Immersive Technology Сould Enhance Healthcare of The Post-Pandemic Reality
22 Dec 2021 Lucid Reality Labs with Medtronic VR Simulator at ASA 2021 Annual Meeting
07 Dec 2021 Lucid Reality Labs Wins 2021 European Technology Awards
30 Nov 2021 Lucid Reality Labs, NR.1 AR/VR Company and Top Global Service Provider of 2021
15 Nov 2021 Medtronic & Lucid Reality Labs, Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation at ESGE 2021
06 Oct 2021 Lucid Reality Labs with Medtronic VR Exposition at SFAR 2021
20 Sep 2021 AR Enabled Headsets You Need to Know About in 2021
19 Aug 2021 7 Challenges of The Metaverse
13 Aug 2021 VR for Medical Education, Training and Upskilling
30 Jul 2021 Lucid Reality Labs, Miami #1 Leading B2B Company
12 Jul 2021 5 Ways VR Can be Used for Medical Intervention and Rehabilitation
08 Jul 2021 HTC VIVE - the VR Headsets Launch You Should Not Miss in 2021
17 Jun 2021 Importance of VR Technology in Healthcare
11 Jun 2021 AR Devices of 2021, The Now and The Future
07 Jun 2021 10 Insights to Achieve Unparalleled Realism in VR Spatial UX Design
03 Jun 2021 Unity 2021 & Unreal Engine 5 Bringing Next Gen Visual Fidelity to AR and VR
28 Apr 2021 5 VR Headsets Making Headlines in 2021
15 Apr 2021 Pico Neo 3, the Next Consumer VR Breakthrough of 2021?
09 Apr 2021 5 Ways Businesses and Consumers Can Benefit From AR in 2021
05 Apr 2021 Lucid Reality Labs in Top 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Developers
24 Mar 2021 Lucid Reality Labs Joined Varjo Software Partnership Program
09 Mar 2021 Lucid Reality Labs, the Number One Global VR & AR Developer
01 Mar 2021 Lucid Reality Labs Celebrated for Excellence in VR and AR
23 Feb 2021 Lucid Reality Labs CEO Alex Dzyuba Accepted into Forbes Technology Council
18 Feb 2021 Digital Humans – Technology with a Human Face
15 Feb 2021 Lucid Reality Labs Website Awarded Best Innovation, Best UI and UX Designs
10 Feb 2021 Lucid Reality Labs CEO Appointed as Co-Chair of VRARA Healthcare Committee
08 Feb 2021 Lucid Reality Labs became an Oculus Independent Software Vendor
25 Jan 2021 Lucid Reality Labs Has Joined Magic Leap Developer Access Program
22 Jan 2021 Lucid Reality Labs Listed Amongst the Top 1000 B2B Companies Globally
23 Dec 2020 Reshaping Reality, how LiDAR and AR Can Make us Forget our Mobile Devices for Good
25 Nov 2020 AR Technology Behind Mind Mapping & Creative Thinking
03 Nov 2020 Computer Vision & AR Try-On, the Pandemic Change of Retail Landscape
A horizontal picture of a female posing under a skylight using a dynamic Augmented Reality (AR) Instagram effect for her picture
01 Oct 2020 AR Technology Race for Social Media Content is On
Horizontal image of a female model wearing Magic Leap headset with Clutch top AR/VR developers badge logo in the corner of the image
10 Sep 2020 Lucid Reality Labs is Recognized for The Top Customer Service