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Our Services

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Full-stack Spatial Technology solutions from concept & design to development & post-production support for business

Technology Implementation

AI-Powered Robotics Solutions

We build unique solutions that combine AI and Computer Vision (algorithm technology) that enable robots to learn from humans through machine learning and perform required tasks precisely, autonomously and without human interaction.

Immersive AR Social Media Solutions

We build AR masks, filters and games for Social Media that engage the audience, improve and gamify their experience, generate word of mouth and social sharing, increase brand visibility and awareness.

Digital Influencers

We create hyper-realistic AI-generated Virtual Beings that enable a new kind of storytelling and open digital and social opportunities to help brands create more relevant content and a truly personalized MR experience that feels real.

AR/VR for Training & Education

We create realistic, risk-reduced, gamified solutions for various training & education scenarios, where users can learn skills and procedures attached to the role in a safe and controlled environment.

AR/VR Simulations

We build a truly immersive experience that simulates a user’s physical presence in a realistic or enchanted artificial world, with countless possibilities of use in different industries.

AR/VR for E-Commerce

We create AR/VR based solutions that enable users to experience, confidently evaluate and envision the use of products or services of online based shopping platforms, thus optimizing the consumer decision making process and generating turnover.

Web Based AR/VR

We create rich AR/VR web-based interactive experiences that can be viewed directly in a mobile browser and do not require a separate app, simplifying use, allowing to reach out to a wider audience.

Our expertise allows us to enhance various industries wishing to integrate future technologies today

Finance & Banking
Real estate

Tech Stack

Our strength lies in combining cutting edge technology with unique crafted solutions

Solution for
SDKs & Frameworks
AR Solutions
iOS and Android smartphones and tablets; Wearable AR glasses (Vuzix Blade, Nreal Light); LiDAR scanners
SDKs & Frameworks
3D object scanning and photogrammetry; 3DoF/6DoF/SLAM; Image, Object, Point cloud targets; Full body motion tracking with Noitom mockup suits and facial emotion recording; Custom rendering systems; AR facial features correction
VR Solutions
HTC Vive Pro/Eye/Cosmos/Focus; Oculus Rift S/Go/Quest 1/Quest 2; Pico Neo 2/Neo 2 Eye; Varjo VR-2/VR-3/XR-3; VR consoles (Sony Playstation); iOS and Android smartphones; Tobii Eye tracking for VR; Haptic gloves (Noitom, Manus); Noitom perception Neuron full body motion capture system
SDKs & Frameworks
VR Hands tracking; Collaboration across VR/AR/MR devices; PBR and Photogrammetry; FMV; Real-time animations and voice transfer; Real-time multiplayer in VR
MR Solutions
HoloLens 1 & 2; Magic Leap; Nreal Light; Oculus Quest see-through; Varjo XR-3; HypeBox - MR screens
SDKs & Frameworks
Collaboration across VR/AR/MR devices; Spatial coordinate systems sync; Realtime people augmentation; Location based triggers; Hand tracking recording; Machinery monitoring and control; Virtual beings
AI & Robotics Solutions
Franka Emika Panda; iOS / Arduino / Azure Kinect based depth sensing
SDKs & Frameworks
Robotic arm manipulation and movement; Spatial navigation in Cartesian and Euclidean space; IK based movements for robotic arm; Own SDK for Franka Emika Panda in Unity Asset Store
R&D Enterprise Solutions
We operate on existing and custom-made hardware from cameras, sensors, headsets, embedded devices, and development kits
SDKs & Frameworks
App shell and UI for a new consumer device; Scalable and dynamic data driven user interfaces; Complex CV/NN based finger tracking; Rims and wheels detection and pose estimation; Web based AR try-on for makeup manufacturer; VR collaboration platform with precise hand tracking; Reliable and fast body motion tracking and streaming; Footprint detection and augmentation with thermal camera; On-device OCR for medical equipment; Simulation of ADHD symptoms in VR; Full motion video storytelling in VR; Binaural audio and tactile feedback in VR; Trajectory prediction for fast moving objects