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Full Cycle Virtual Reality (VR) Development Services

Virtual Reality (VR) Development Services: Lucid Reality Labs

Full-stack Spatial Technology solutions from concept & design to development & post-production support for business

Technology Implementation

AR & VR Simulations

We build a truly immersive experience that simulates a user’s physical presence in a realistic or enchanted artificial world, with countless possibilities of use in different industries.

AR & VR Trainings & Education

We create realistic, risk-reduced, gamified solutions for various training & education scenarios, where users can learn skills and procedures attached to the role in a safe and controlled environment.

Web AR

We create rich AR/VR web-based interactive experiences that can be viewed directly in a mobile browser and do not require a separate app, simplifying use, allowing to reach out to a wider audience.

AI-Powered Robotics

We build unique solutions that combine AI and Computer Vision (algorithm technology) that enable robots to learn from humans through machine learning and perform required tasks precisely, autonomously and without human interaction.

Digital Twins

We create hyper realistic 1-to-1 digital replicas, identical to real-life counterparts of physical objects, systems, operations, assets & entire environments, 3D designed to accurately reflect real-life visual and functional properties, visual quality, capabilities, usability, responses and interactions for XR & Metaverse environments.

Hyper-Realistic Avatars

We create high-fidelity photorealistic digital humans, life-like avatars, realistic and representative 3D depictions of users for the Metaverse and XR ecosystem, training, simulations & education experiences.

Rapid Prototyping

We prototype complete XR experiences as well as XR assets, objects, environments, products, and models with optimized characteristics. We develop scalable 3D visualizations, 3D models and design immersive XR spaces & environments, and experiences.

XR Remote Collaboration

We develop high-fidelity immersive environments for remote collaboration, removing geographic distance and physical location constraints and connecting physical and remote presence in a single, interactive, responsive virtual space. We tailor-make environments for training, education, remote work, and other collaboration purposes.

UI/UX Design

We develop next-generation User Interfaces (UI) and User Experiences (UX) design. We create human environments that ensure intuitive, seamless, ergonomic, and user-friendly interactions within the XR and Metaverse experiences incorporating logic and interactions while accounting for the human experience.

3D Modeling & Animation

We create virtual counterparts and three-dimensional models of physical objects, assets, spaces, and environments, ready for XR experience and Metaverse integration. We animate 3D generated and created assets and digital objects.

Our Focus

Our primary focus is on Healthcare, MedTech, Pharma, Defense & Aerospace, we however hold a vast scope of expertise in other industries

Our Industry Expertise

Immersive Trainings & Simulations for Healthcare
We develop immersive trainings and simulations for Healthcare providers, medical professionals and practitioners, medical device producers, healthcare institutions and medical associations to improve personnel capabilities. We create high-fidelity immersive hands-on simulations that allow to hone and practice skills, learn using new and existing medical devices and equipment, practice and prepare for procedures including pre- and post- operative stages, in safe and cost-effective settings. Our interactive scalable solutions allow medical specialists to train in risk-free immersive environments helping improve their confidence, competency and patient outcomes.
Immersive Trainings & Simulations for MedTech
We develop immersive trainings and simulations for MedTech developers, medical laboratories, producers of healthcare equipment, devices and tools used for diagnostics, treatment and patient care. We create high-fidelity immersive simulations with fully functional digital twins of medical equipment, devices, tools, complete environments from ORs to fully equipped laboratories to educate, train, upskill and reskill Medical Technology industry specialists and users. Our hands-on experience allow to learn, practice and train using MedTech equipment in risk-free, cost-efficient environments, reducing associated training costs and increasing effectiveness of medical specialists.
Immersive Trainings & Simulations for BioTech & Pharma
We develop immersive trainings and simulations to enhance Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry professionnel capabilities. Our immersive solutions allow to hands-on train and educate Biotech and Pharma specialists on a variety of processes, from harnessing biomolecular and cellular processes, to using drug and treatment research and test equipment and facilities. We create digital twins of entire processes and environments used to develop and produce medical technologies and healthcare-related products to improve the effectiveness of professionals in drug research, development and production processes.
Immersive Trainings & Simulations for Aerospace & Defense
We develop immersive trainings and simulations for Aerospace and Defense to improve military personnel capabilities. We create digital twins of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Special Operations and Personnel equipment, weapons, and electronics identical to real-life counterparts that reflect visual and functional properties, capabilities, usability, responses, and interactions of the military equipment. Our immersive hands-on training experiences are scalable solutions that help military professionals learn and practice using warfighting equipment, build new combat expertise, train units’ cohesion and Tactical Combat Casualty Care. The developed solutions help improve in combat effectiveness of military equipment use in risk free and cost-efficient environments.
XR for EdTech
We develop highly engaging XR solutions that facilitate the learning process, submerging users into high-fidelity custom-made experiences and enable them to learn new and advance existing skills in remote, controlled and safe environments.
XR for Manufacturing
We create immersive XR experiences that help enhance the manufacturing processes and procedures, from design and management to procurement and safety.
XR for Engineering
We develop advanced XR solutions that revolve around structures, machines and engines and a vast variety of actions and stages of the engineering process from design to building and use.
XR for Retail
We create XR solutions for retail that transform the ways consumers experience and interact with brick-and-mortar stores, enhancing environments with digital capabilities and overlays for advanced navigation, visualization and even storytelling.
XR for Entertainment
We develop engaging, interactive, visually stunning solutions that allow to engage users, leave a memorable impression as well as produce a long-lasting wow-effect for the audience.
XR for Multimedia
We create interactive XR solutions that allow to elaborate communication means in a variety of mediums, going beyond the boundaries of one’s imagination and providing new tools to express creativity and artistic visions, as well as use the advanced capabilities of 5G.
XR for Real-Estate
We develop a variety of XR experiences that are used in real-estate and allow to enhance and optimize processes, from design and communication to placement and remote virtual tours.
XR for E-commerce
We build XR solutions that enhance e-commerce experiences for users, incorporating try-on, entertainment and gamification features for interactive and engaging shopping sessions.

Tech Stack

Our strength lies in combining cutting edge technology with unique crafted solutions

Solution for
SDKs & Frameworks
Virtual Reality
HTC Vive Pro/Eye/Cosmos/Focus; Meta Rift S/Go/Quest 1/Quest 2/Pro; Pico Neo 2/Neo 2 Eye/Neo 3/Neo 4; Varjo VR-2/Aero/VR-3/XR-3; VR consoles (Sony Playstation); iOS and Android smartphones; Tobii Eye tracking for VR; Haptic gloves (Noitom, Manus); Noitom perception Neuron full body motion capture system
SDKs & Frameworks
VR Hands tracking; Collaboration across VR/AR/MR devices; PBR and Photogrammetry; FMV; Real-time animations and voice transfer; Real-time multiplayer in VR; VR video streaming over WebRTC
Mixed Reality
HoloLens 1 & 2; Magic Leap; Nreal Light; Meta Quest see-through; Varjo XR-3
SDKs & Frameworks
Collaboration across VR/AR/MR devices; Spatial coordinate systems sync; Realtime people & object augmentation; Location based triggers; Hand tracking recording; Machinery monitoring and control; Virtual beings
Augmented Reality
3D object scanning and photogrammetry; 3DoF/6DoF/SLAM; Object augmentation based on Image, Object, Point cloud targets; Full body motion tracking with Noitom mockup suits and facial emotion recording; Custom rendering systems; AR facial features correction
SDKs & Frameworks
iOS and Android smartphones and tablets; Wearable AR glasses (Vuzix Blade, Nreal Light); LiDAR scanners; HypeBox - AR screens
AI & Robotics Solutions
Franka Emika Panda; iOS / Arduino / Azure Kinect based depth sensing
SDKs & Frameworks
Robotic arm manipulation and movement; Spatial navigation in Cartesian and Euclidean space; IK based movements for robotic arm; Own SDK for Franka Emika Panda
R&D Enterprise Solutions
We operate on existing and custom-made hardware from cameras, sensors, headsets, embedded devices, and development kits
SDKs & Frameworks
Rapid prototyping; App shell and UI for a new consumer device; Scalable and dynamic data driven user interfaces; Rims and wheels detection and pose estimation; Web based AR try-on for makeup manufacturer; VR collaboration platform; Reliable and fast body motion tracking and streaming; Simulation of medical conditions in MR and VR; Full motion video storytelling in VR
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