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iXR™ Product Development Platform

From ideation, planning & design to development & support. Our platform operationalizes the boundless potential of XR to drive training, efficiency, safety, and positive outcomes for Healthcare, Life Sciences, Aerospace & Defense, Commercial and Public Sector. Our component-based customizable system demonstrates the highest level of outcomes in the Healthcare, Life Sciences, Aerospace & Defense, Commercial, and Public Sectors and holds immense potential for many other industries. The award-winning use cases created with this system revolutionized domains, creating pathways to impactful technology.

AR & VR Simulations

We build a truly immersive experience that simulates a user’s physical presence in a realistic or enchanted artificial world, with countless possibilities of use in different industries.

Hyper-Realistic Avatars

We create high-fidelity photorealistic digital humans, life-like avatars, realistic and representative 3D depictions of users for the Metaverse and XR ecosystem, training, simulations & education experiences.

Web AR

We create rich AR/VR web-based interactive experiences that can be viewed directly in a mobile browser and do not require a separate app, simplifying use, allowing to reach out to a wider audience.

AR & VR Trainings & Education

We create realistic, risk-reduced, gamified solutions for various training & education scenarios, where users can learn skills and procedures attached to the role in a safe and controlled environment.

3D Modeling & Animation

We create virtual counterparts and three-dimensional models of physical objects, assets, spaces, and environments, ready for XR experience and Metaverse integration. We animate 3D generated and created assets and digital objects.

Rapid Prototyping

We prototype complete XR experiences as well as XR assets, objects, environments, products, and models with optimized characteristics. We develop scalable 3D visualizations, 3D models and design immersive XR spaces & environments, and experiences.

XR Remote Collaboration

We develop high-fidelity immersive environments for remote collaboration, removing geographic distance and physical location constraints and connecting physical and remote presence in a single, interactive, responsive virtual space. We tailor-make environments for training, education, remote work, and other collaboration purposes.

UI/UX Design

We develop next-generation User Interfaces (UI) and User Experiences (UX) design. We create human environments that ensure intuitive, seamless, ergonomic, and user-friendly interactions within the XR and Metaverse experiences incorporating logic and interactions while accounting for the human experience.

AI-Powered Robotics

We build unique solutions that combine AI and Computer Vision (algorithm technology) that enable robots to learn from humans through machine learning and perform required tasks precisely, autonomously and without human interaction.

Digital Twins

We create hyper realistic 1-to-1 digital replicas, identical to real-life counterparts of physical objects, systems, operations, assets & entire environments, 3D designed to accurately reflect real-life visual and functional properties, visual quality, capabilities, usability, responses and interactions for XR & Metaverse environments.

Our Industry Expertise

Healthcare & Life Science

🔘 Training and Education. We craft multi-level scenario-based training solutions for clinical professionals to empower healthcare education. XR offers an immersive environment that assists healthcare providers in visualizing and practicing clinical procedural workflows for both individuals and clinical teams with greater efficiency and precision to drive better patient outcomes.

🔘 Medical Device and Pharma. We design and deliver opportunities to expand the utilization of XR technology across R&D, Marketing/Sales, and Client Training and Support. XR allows revolutionizing industries, revealing insights never before available. XR experiences test and ensure the most favorable outcome regarding device quality and effectiveness by highlighting user behavior, needs, and responses to devices and procedures. In Pharma, XR brings enhanced collaboration, higher quality control, and safety standards, faster and more effective learning and training, quicker drug development and modification, enhanced information visualization, and faster go-to market decisions.

🔘 Patient Care. XR delivers imperative, lasting care to patients in remote settings. We create immersive interactive experiences, offering new ways to diagnose, treat, and manage patient conditions, improve outcomes, and increase equitable access while providing personalized healthcare.

Aerospace & Defence

From immersive training scenarios allowing personnel to simulate complex environments and missions to solutions covering maintenance and operation procedures, we provide real-time information overlays and hyperrealistic simulations.


XR tools are essential for aerospace engineers and industry designers to enable the rapid and efficient creation of prototypes and optimize manufacturing. They are vital for automation, process optimization, quality control, equipment testing, and empowering exploration of new opportunities in this limitless domain.

Training & Education

XR solution ensures upskilling and the delivery of training excellence at its best alongside these benefits:

🔘 XR technology elevates user engagement by providing immersive., dynamic training experiences that foster more captivating learning surroundings.

🔘 XR technology improves knowledge retention through immersive and memorable experiences.

🔘 Integrating XR into education, both theory and practice, offers possibilities to reduce operational costs, offering a financially efficient approach to providing state-of-art educational content.

🔘 XR provides training in secure virtual environments, delivering an authorized setting that eliminates risks and emphasizes safety first, especially when real-world training is difficult or impossible.

🔘 Integrating XR into education, both theory and practice, offers possibilities to reduce operational costs, offering a financially efficient approach to providing state-of-the-art educational content.

Public Sector

Spatial technology can serve as a practical tool to create a systemic positive impact and deliver more inclusive and sustainable strategies and solutions for the public sector.


XR incorporates the immense potential to improve public services and enhance the efficacy of public infrastructure design, development, and management, paving more effective ways to improve communication, increase awareness, and foster interactive engagement within society. 

Lucid Reality Labs has a core mission to improve the quality of life through XR at a global level. We have been privileged to partner with Government and Non-Profit organizations to tackle world-wide health and safety challenges. These include XR to train and mitigate childhood drownings, reaching 300,000 lifeguard candidates annually, as well as a global campaign to raise awareness and fund research for macular degeneration, which affects over 200 million people each year.


Embracing hyper-realistic immersiveness through XR solutions becomes pivotal for businesses and offers customers an unforgettable first-hand experience of products and services. In the B2C landscape, customer brand loyalty is evolving, anchored in a product’s continuous experience rather than just the initial sale. This grows brand loyalty and allows businesses to showcase products and services in unimaginable ways. From virtual product demonstrations to immersive training modules, XR technology opens new avenues for efficiency, innovation, and customer satisfaction, enabling personalization and cost-effectiveness. In a world where experience is key, embracing XR in the commercial sector elevates businesses to new heights, fostering a dynamic and competitive edge in the market.


Tech Stack

SDK’s & Frameworks
Virtual Reality
HTC Vive Pro/Eye/Cosmos/Focus; Meta Rift S/Go/Quest 1/Quest 2/Pro; Pico Neo 2/Neo 2 Eye/Neo 3/Neo 4; Varjo VR-2/Aero/VR-3/XR-3; VR consoles (Sony Playstation); iOS and Android smartphones; Tobii Eye tracking for VR; Haptic gloves (Noitom, Manus); Noitom perception Neuron full body motion capture system.
VR Hands Tracking; Collaboration across VR/AR/MR devices; PBR and Photogrammetry; FMV; Real-time animations and voice transfer; Real-time multiplayer in VR; VR video streaming over WebRTC, Digital Twin.
Mixed Reality
HoloLens 1 & 2; Magic Leap; Nreal Light; Meta Quest see-through; Varjo XR-3.
Collaboration across VR/AR/MR devices; Spatial Coordinate Systems Sync; Realtime People & Object augmentation; Location based triggers; Hand Tracking recording; Machinery monitoring and control; Virtual beings.
Augmented Reality
iOS and Android smartphones and tablets; Wearable AR Glasses (Vuzix Blade, Nreal Light); LiDAR scanners; HypeBox - AR screens.
3D object Scanning and Photogrammetry; 3DoF/6DoF/SLAM; Object augmentation based on Image, Object, Point cloud targets; Full Body Motion Tracking with Noitom mockup suits and Facial Emotion Recording; Custom Rendering Systems; AR Facial Features Correction.
AI & Robotics
Franka Emika Panda; iOS / Arduino / Azure Kinect based depth sensing.
Robotic Arm manipulation and movement; Spatial navigation in Cartesian and Euclidean space; IK based movements for Robotic Arm; Own SDK for Franka Emika Panda.
R&D Enterprise
We operate on existing and Custom-made Hardware from Cameras, Sensors, Headsets, Embedded Devices, and Development Kits.
Rapid Prototyping; App shell and UI for a new consumer device; Scalable and Dynamic data driven User Interfaces; Rims and Wheels detection and Pose estimation; Web based AR try-on for makeup manufacturer; VR Collaboration Platform; Reliable and Fast Body Motion Tracking and Streaming; Simulation of Medical Conditions in MR and VR; Full motion Video Storytelling in VR.

Medtronic McGRATH™ MAC VR Intubation Simulation

Medtronic McGRATH™ MAC is the World's first interactive and immersive VR intubation simulation experience to demonstrate the product and to train practitioners and medical students.


Philips Quality Assurance VR Training

The Solution to Save Millions of Lives Yearly from Cardiovascular Disease In atherosclerosis, fatty deposits build up on the arterial walls, forming plaque. This process narrows the blood vessels and reduces blood flow. With a drug-coated angioplasty balloon, Stellarex 035, a global leader in health technology, Philips created the possibility of cleaning the vessel, ensuring […]


Roche Ophthalmology Macular Disease XR Simulation

Challenge & Context Macular disease can take many forms, e.g. age-related macular degeneration (AMD) being one of the most common conditions and the most significant cause of sight loss. The global number of people living with macular disease globally is estimated to reach 288 million by 2040. The condition today impacts nearly 11 million people […]


American Red Cross Lifeguard VR Training

Multi-Scenario Customized Simulation in Virtual Environment to Save Lives In the USA, more children ages 1–4 die from drowning than any other cause of death. For children ages 5–14, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury death after motor vehicle crashes*. To address this immense challenge, the American Red Cross focuses its efforts […]

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