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25 Jan 2021

Lucid Reality Labs Has Joined Magic Leap Developer Access Program

Magic Leap Developers Access Program is aimed at supporting developers to create more unique extended reality (XR) solutions, providing hardware, funding and much more, prioritizing partner creations for publishing.

Magic Leap Inc. is a US based company that has raised over $3 billion in funding for the creation of its innovative wearable device that can bring digital and physical worlds together, launching Magic Leap 1 spatial computer in 2018, the most advanced XR device on the market today.

With the mass consumer market still on the way to embracing spatial computing technology, expecting more affordable solutions, and the pandemic having a significant impact on our everyday lives, Magic Leap has changed its course towards enterprise clients, giving opportunities for companies to adapt to the digital realities of business, which will be now lead by the new CEO Peggy Johnson, the former Executive Vice President of Business Development at Microsoft.

Magic Leap Press Release

“In her new role, Ms. Johnson will draw on more than 30 years of experience at the highest levels of technology and business to accelerate Magic Leap’s growth and bring transformative enterprise solutions to market.”

With competition becoming tough as ever, more and more companies are looking at spatial technology adaptation as the new norm, enhancing their businesses with extended reality. Technology powered innovations becoming the defining factor of how successful a company can become in the nearest future.

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