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05 Apr 2021

Lucid Reality Labs in Top 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Developers

Lucid Reality Labs has been selected by the Find Best Web Dev's editorial staff to be amongst the Top 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Developers for April 2021. Find Best Web Dev is a global ranking and evaluation platform which strives to recognize the best developers in the IT field. This global directory features companies with expertise in spatial technologies, analysing business and their practices in comparison with the industry standards.    

The company has also been featured amongst the Top Artificial Intelligence agencies on Design Rush, a B2B professional agency analytics and ranking platform.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has always been an important direction for Lucid Reality Labs as it allows to expand the boundaries of immersive technology and human interactions. Even though the technology itself has not unveiled a significant part of it’s potential, the rapid global market growth is evident to its upcoming acceleration. AI is estimated to reach 126 billion USD by 2025 and expected to be more vastly used across industries, from manufacturing to healthcare and retail. 

In terms of AI development one of the most exciting directions for Lucid Reality Labs, is healthcare, as it is amongst our focus industries. We already see researchers turn to AI for help with the vaccine development processes, while seeking solutions for diagnostic challenges or to even enhance medical devices for consumers. There are, without doubt, tremendous perspectives for healthcare to feel a positive global impact driven by AI.


“We can expect a rapid AI integration into more common everyday activities in a matter of the next 5 years. This enhancement will feel both natural and intuitive, helping improve lives for countless individuals worldwide. At Lucid Reality Labs, we strive to expand our contribution to this cause with every project we develop.”

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