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24 Mar 2021

Lucid Reality Labs Joined Varjo Software Partnership Program

Varjo Software Partnership Program aims to expand the boundaries of innovation in cooperation with top developers worldwide, allowing partners, integrators and software providers to create next level XR solutions. The program allows applicants to receive integration support as well as early access to Varjo developed software, as well as qualify to receive a free Varjo VR-2 or VR-2 Pro device for their further software solutions development.

Varjo immersive VR and XR devices allow to optimize processes, build unique experiences to enhance the workflow and are compatible with a variety of software and 3D platforms for experience development. The development is supported for both Unity development environment using the XR SDK and Unreal using OpenXR, it is also possible to use Varjo Native SDK to build immersive experiences.  

The Varjo Technologies, founded in 2016 has launched a number of headset devices to revolutionize the way immersive experiences are designed and built. Varjo has allowed developers to create natural mixed and virtual reality experiences with their series of human-eye resolution VR and XR headset, and has been striving to push the experiences further. 

In their March 4, 2021 Press Release, announcing the beginning of shipment of their next generation XR-3 and VR-3 headsets, Urho Konttori the VARJO Co-Founder & CTO says:

“Thanks to a lower price point, coupled with the absolute best technology available, such as human-eye resolution at over 70 pixels per degree and LiDAR for seamless depth awareness, these headsets unlock an entirely new set of experiences where users can no longer tell the difference between what is real and what is not. This is an essential factor for driving broader professional adoption and seamlessly integrating XR technologies into users’ daily workflows.”

With the rapid development of VR and XR device technology we are moving closer to the next generation of immersive experiences. We have already entered the realm of new realism and engagement in spatial technologies. 

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