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07 Dec 2021

Lucid Reality Labs Wins 2021 European Technology Awards

On December 2nd, 2021, European Technology Awards held their 2nd technology awards edition in Paris, France. The venue that celebrates excellence and innovation has brought the top technology companies of 2021 together. 

The European Technology Awards was established to connect technology professionals in order to exchange knowledge, research and advancement in a number of domains from Virtual Reality (VR) and Healthcare Technologies to Business Intelligence and Smart Data. The award recognizes companies dedicated to accelerating technological evolution, that have immediate effects visible already today. 

Lucid Reality Labs was recognized for the contribution to innovation and rapid advancement of Virtual Reality technology, awarded the European Technology Awards in the VR category. The founder and CEO, Alex Dzyuba, speaks about the technology and innovation as well as its importance in today’s realities.

Alex Dzyuba, Lucid Reality Labs CEO

“We aspire to help Healthcare/MedTech, Life Sciences/Pharma and EdTech accelerate their innovation through VR, with a common aim of improving capabilities and systems for medical practitioners worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to utilize the power of VR in order to deliver a positive impact for patients globally.”

Immersive technology is becoming more and more entwined into industries worldwide. It is especially visible in the healthcare sector, which in the past two years has proven to be the paramount pillar of our society. Every day, innovation in the Virtual Reality field is bringing us more solutions. Solutions that can help medical specialist manage, train, educate, upskill and reskill during these difficult times.

Amongst many milestones, winning the 2021 European Technology Awards is without doubt a great achievement. Alex further speaks about what the award means to him and the team.

Alex Dzyuba, Lucid Reality Labs CEO

“We are happy to be recognized for our effort and skill in the development of VR technology. It is exciting to see our team’s hard work achieve yet another milestone. Without doubt this is not the stopping point but a reason to accelerate and innovate more. We are glad to see VR becoming more commonly used in industries where it can deliver immediate results, especially in most essential sectors. We hope to create many more projects that will have a positive impact on lives worldwide.”

Alex also shares his impression of the gala, the collaboration and networking opportunities it brings to the technological community.

Alex Dzyuba, Lucid Reality Labs CEO

“This gala is a beautiful, well-organized venue. It is an excellent opportunity to network, exchange knowledge and insights with the prominent technology leaders. It is exciting to celebrate all of the companies recognized by the European Technology Awards for their contribution to technological advancement. We are happy to be amongst the companies that help shape the present and the future of innovation.”

At Lucid Reality Labs we are grateful to all of our clients who continue to entrust us with providing the best immersive solutions for their business. We will continue to strive for excellence and innovation. 

You can find more about the VR solutions we developed in our Portfolio or by Contacting us.

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