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15 Nov 2021

Medtronic & Lucid Reality Labs, Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation at ESGE 2021

On October 3rd-5th The European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (ESGE) held its 30th Annual Congress. Themed “Per Aspera ad astra: through hardship reaching the stars” the event took place in Rome, Italy. Hosted by the Honorary Congress President Dr. Rudi Campo and ESGE President Prof. Giovanni Scambia, the international congress brought together medical enterprises and specialists of various Gynaecological Endoscopy disciplines to share innovation, exchange knowledge and scientific research. The hybrid event included both an onsite and a virtual arena, offering a program of high-quality evidence-based topics in a number of Gynaecological Endoscopy directions.

Image Source: ESGE

An extensive three-day Scientific Programme was developed to help medical specialists improve necessary skills to ensure better outcomes for the patients. It included live surgeries, industry symposia, an onsite exhibition floor as well as an opportunity to take part in the GESEA certification exams. The activities of the annual congress focused on supporting the ESGE main aim - "to encourage exchange of clinical experience, scientific thought and investigation among European gynaecological endoscopists and practitioners in related techniques". The annual congress represented and showcased a vast scope of international innovations, research, products and devices presenting the latest achievements and developments in various Gynaecological Endoscopy disciplines.

Lucid Reality Labs team joined Medtronic, which supported the ESGE 30th as one of the main congress sponsors, in order to aid with the VR Hysteroscopy Multiplayer Simulation experience. VR Hysteroscopy Multiplayer Simulation, created with Medtronic, is a fully immersive VR solution that can replicate and enhance the traditional large-scale electronic PC based simulators. The immersive VR Simulation can be easily used at any exhibition or conference for a precise product and procedure demonstration with maximum realism for the user. It presents the handling of the TruClear™ Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal System by educating users on how to perform the hysteroscopy procedure in VR.

The core of the VR solution lies within the “7 degrees of freedom” 1-to-1 visual and tactile replica of 7 TruClear™ moving parts controlled by the doctor during the actual procedure. The post-procedure feeling of accomplishment is achieved through tactile memory as well as precise hands-on fully immersive experience. This solution helps increase event interactions with the product in VR simulation due to its scalability as well reduced complexity of the procedure and a new approach in mechanics.

The immersive experience served as an entry point and a great tool to support Medtronic exposition, allowing to submerge users into a full, close to real life environment. The mobility of this tool makes it a great addition to any event or training session as it serves as a safe environment where users can get the hands-on experience of the procedure flow and TruClear™ Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal System use without the risk of hurting a patient or breaking the real equipment.

With every new device and technology development healthcare is moving further into the future, utilizing the power of both online and offline tools, striving to push the boundaries of innovation and improve the lives of many worldwide. 

Authors: Alex Dzyuba, Lucid Reality Labs Founder & CEO | Anna Rohi, Lucid Reality Labs Senior Marketing & Communications Manager

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