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Press Release: Lucid Reality Labs Selected as the 6th International VR Awards Finalist

Lucid Reality Labs has been announced as a finalist of the 6th International VR Awards in the VR Social Impact Award category with the “Seeing the Problem” Macular Disease Awareness XR Experience.

The VR Awards recognizes outstanding VR achievements, gathering global leaders in immersive experience development to celebrate the most impactful companies and names in the immersive technology domain. The award, administered by the AIXR’s independent Steering Board, recognized the top 2022 achievements in VR amongst numerous industries and included categories like Healthcare, Education and Training, Innovation, and Social Impact.

The Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR) is the global immersive technology community that connects Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) businesses worldwide, offering opportunities to connect, influence, and develop. Founded in 2019, AIXR facilitates international growth, recognition, and awareness of immersive technology across North America, Asia, and Europe, connecting over 12,000 specialists worldwide.


“Becoming a finalist amongst high-caliber VR companies and projects is a great achievement, and your nomination proved to us that you have produced brilliant work.”

Lucid Reality Labs’ “Seeing the Problem” project became the finalist in the VR Social Impact Award amongst prominent immersive technology companies whose works make a significant global social impact. The VR Awards Social Impact Award recognizes services, experiences, or products created for the social good.

About “Seeing the Problem” Macular Disease Awareness XR Experience

The macular disease impacts almost 1.5 million in the UK, with people of all ages living with the condition. Even though no cure currently exists, treatment may slow down the disease and diminish the severity of vision loss. With many states not visible to the naked eye, the created Extended Reality (XR) solution helped users understand and learn what it is like to live with macular disease symptoms. The XR experiences submerged users into a virtual environment where they can live through realistic real-life challenges that people with macular disease face daily.

A unique immersive experience was developed to make a compelling impact, leave a long-lasting impression & demonstrate the macular disease condition. The immersive XR simulation allowed users to experience and understand what it is like to have macular disease in real time. The XR experience drew significant attention & engagement, allowing users to experience first-hand what it is like living with macular disease conditions & symptoms, the challenges of everyday activities & the limitations they impose, raising awareness of the problem.

The experience was built using the most advanced XR headset, Varjo XR-3, with the highest visual fidelity. Experience utilized the device’s eye-tracking, making it impossible to avert the symptoms. The device’s see-through capabilities overlayed the real-life objects and surroundings with the condition symptoms in real-time (visual distortions, increased blurriness of printed words, and a well-defined blind spot in their field of vision). Macular disease symptoms were recreated in XR using visual materials and medical specialists’ insights and feedback to ensure accurate condition representation. While wearing the XR headset, the users could feel themselves in the shoes of persons with macular disease, helping them build empathy and much-needed understanding.

About Lucid Reality Labs

Lucid Reality Labs is the World’s leading Immersive Technology consulting, design, and development company with the primary focus on creating immersive XR training & simulations for Healthcare, MedTech, and pharma. The team delivered over 250 XR projects and dedicated over 1,000,000 hours to honing our technological expertise in the XR domain. Lucid Reality Labs helps businesses and institutions innovate and digitalize, delivering new tools to transform training and collaboration, upskilling and reskilling, and other functions and capabilities.

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