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The main objective of the project was to develop a promo mobile Web AR App for opening an H&M Home store in Paris, France. The goal of the immersive experience was to attract as many people as possible using the AR experience, which included an AR lottery and AR gift drafts. The client, H&M in collaboration with RISE creative agency, wished for participants to have a multi step AR experience. In order to achieve this, a two meter tall physical key mock-up was placed in a number of locations across Paris, right across multiple subway entrances, in order to serve as the starting points of the AR experience and direct customers to the new H&M Home store. 

The AR experience was met with great delight and has resonated with the store customers, providing an opportunity to engage with the brand in a fun and immersive way. 


The experience would launch through scanning the QR code, located on the stand of the H&M key mock-up, opening the browser with a Web mobile App. In order to reach the new store destination the tracking of their journey has been done via world tracking capability of the 8th Wall.

At the launch point of the experience, a digital visual of a key matching the physical mock-up would appear in AR through the Web mobile App. This AR key would then show the App users where the H&M store's physical location was.

Once the user reaches the destination they are prompted to scan the next tracking image which launches an AR animation and opens a door into a virtual room. Inside the room the users find themselves inside the surrounding 360 Virtual room with H&M merchandise.

Reaching the 360 Virtual room automatically launches the lottery algorithm, which appears 10 seconds after the user has entered the room. The pop-up (overlay) would then appear indicating if the user won the lottery or not, and if not prompting him/her to return the next day and try again. 

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