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Instrumentation Laboratory HemoCell in VR


The objective of the project was to create a VR environment constructor where the client could create 1-to-1 virtual visualizations of the future laboratory according to their customer's requirements. The virtual space would allow customers to first hand visit and observe the future laboratory with pre-installed equipment.


The developed solution, created for Oculus Quest 2 in order to ensure smooth user experience, consisted of two stages - the editor and the VR experience. In the editor the client can create the full visual of the future laboratory based on the customer's requirements, defining range and parameters as well as selecting required equipment. Part of the equipment was created by the developers team, the other part was. One part of the initial equipment was created by the in-house developers, the other integrated using CAD models, processing and preparation for the real-time 3d rendering in a portable VR headset. The second stage generates the VR laboratory based on the editor-created plan. The created VR laboratory allows users to experience and walk-through a 1-to-1 recreated VR laboratory in a fully immersive manner, based on the following features:

VR experience with optimized existing equipment models for Oculus Quest headset

Windows based Editor app designed to manually design the Lab

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