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Medasense NOL® VR Simulator


The main objective of the project was to create a VR simulation experience that would help introduce the PMD-200 NOL®, a non-invasive and continuous pain monitoring device, which helps anesthesiologists correctly identify nociception levels of pain for the patient during the operation. The immersive experience built around a 3D model of an operation room (OR), allows users to remotely train on how to interpret the nociception equipment parameters, while fully submerged into the environment of a procedure, recreated equipment, real display data and sound.


The developed experience enables anesthesiologists to get an introduction and to familiarize themselves with the use of a PMD-200 NOL® monitor in a safe and controlled environment mimicking real OR scenarios. In the three developed scenarios trainees are taking the position of an anesthesiologist and are asked to monitor changes of the NOL® monitor metrics, caused by the drug induction and actions performed during different stages of a particular surgery. The NOL® monitoring system VR simulation reacts according to the decision made by the trainee, illustrating the impact of actions taken on the patient condition tracking monitor (blood pressure, heart rate, bispectral index and other fluctuations) in real time.

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