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Medical VR Training for Nurses


The goal of this project was to build an immersive and interactive VR Simulator experience to train nurses on how to set up and use HysteroLux™ Fluid Management System, a new generation of highly efficient equipment for hysteroscopy procedures which enhances safety and offers procedural flexibility. The idea was to focus on experiential learning, reduce the complexity of the equipment set-up process, develop practical skills and build confidence to use HysteroLux™ during an actual surgical procedure. The developed solution allows nurses to practice every stage of the set-up process in any selected order, without the risk of making a mistake or breaking the equipment.


For this simulator a physical interaction system was developed, which allows to interact with virtual objects through hand tracking, without using controllers. The hand tracking and object capture systems were built to ensure the trainee would feel natural while practicing in the virtual environment. Although trainees may have different learning styles and be more visual, aural, verbal, or physical learners, the VR simulation with integrated gamification elements combines a variety of learning styles, helping capture and hold their interest as an enjoyable and engaging immersive experience.

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