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VR Hysteroscopy Multiplayer Simulation


The goal of the project was to build a fully immersive VR solution that could replace traditional large-scale electronic PC based simulators and be easily used at any exhibition or conference for a precise product and procedure demonstration with maximum realism for the user. The core of this solution lies within the “7 degrees of freedom” 1-to-1 visual and tactile replica of 7 moving parts controlled by the doctor during the actual procedure. The VR solution allowed for faster data transfer and update, system and demonstration effectiveness, as well as the post-procedure feeling of accomplishment triggered by tactile memory, and precise hands-on and fully immersive experience


This solution helped to increase event interactions with the product in VR simulation by 90% due to the reduced complexity of the procedure and a new approach in mechanics, enabling the simulation to: 

Bring forth maximum realism through a detailed and precise reaction of anatomy, hysteroscopy, and fully functional fluid management systems.

Fully recreate the tool mechanism starting from the source of light, camera, a spinning blade that chips off the pieces of pathological tissue, fluid management suction system ensuring the fluid circulation of saline solution.

Have double-handed handling, with a foot-operated switch and a camera capture of the picture instantly visualized onto the monitor in real-time.

Be used safely and accurately for training and educational purposes, as well as marketing and promo activities.

Be suitable for live simulation multiplayer to accurately represent the real procedure involving teamwork, with possibility to perform required actions remotely.

A remote live multiplayer simulation, allowing an external specialist to supervise, advise, oversee and learn in an immersive OR environment in real-time.

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