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Lucid Reality Labs at AWE US: Designing for Scale to Certify 300,000 American Red Cross Lifeguards Yearly using VR

Meet Lucid Reality Labs at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) on June 18-20 in Long Beach, California. AWE spotlights the XR market, and we are honored to announce our session “Designing for Scale—Upskilling and Certifying 300,000 American Red Cross Lifeguards Yearly with VR” on the first day of the conference. Lynn Welch, Chief Growth Officer at Lucid Reality Labs, will present this game-changing project created for the American Red Cross for the Meta headset on Tuesday, 18, at the Collaboration, Training & Education track at 12:50.

Join us at the upcoming AWE US conference for an immersive educational session delving into the innovative award-winning VR Lifeguard training program created by the American Red Cross and Lucid Reality Labs. This groundbreaking initiative, now empowering and certifying 300,000 lifeguards annually, showcases the transformative potential of VR technology in real-world applications. 

Go to the Lifeguard VR case study: Multi-Scenario Customized Simulation in Virtual Environment to Save Lives

Discover the integral design and production elements crucial for developing a robust and scalable VR solution. Gain insights into tailoring the training experience to cater to diverse learning styles while ensuring accessibility, inclusion, and affordability.

Explore the intricacies of managing VR deployment at an enterprise level, from initial setup to ongoing support and maintenance. Dive deeper into the development process, uncovering advanced techniques such as wave interference simulation, lifelike light reflections, and precise motion capture for realistic swimmer modeling. 

Moreover, it uncovers strategies for optimizing FPS to achieve simulation accuracy while maintaining scalability. Learn practical tips for productizing VR training modules, streamlining deployment processes, and providing ongoing support to facilitate widespread adoption.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to delve into the future of VR training with industry leaders and pioneers in lifeguard education. Join us as we navigate the journey from design to implementation of the unique Lifeguard VR for 300,000 trained and save lives on water using the state-of-the-art XR.

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About Lucid Reality Labs and our Speaker

Lucid Reality Labs is a visionary XR development company that crafts complex solutions through spatial technology. Immersive solutions with impact – from concept & design to development & support. With a strategic focus on Healthcare, Life Science, Aerospace & Defense, and many more. We equip industries with the boundless potential of immersive technology.

Lynn Welch’s career spans more than twenty-five years in virtual, modeling, and simulation. In Lynn’s portfolio, there are numerous game-changing projects, in particular, the first synthetic battlefield reconstruction of the historic Battle of 73 Easting, the first immersive platform to focus on communication and response coordination for mass casualty incident training across Army National Guard CBRNE, local and state first responders, and many more. Since 2023, she has led the Defense and Intelligence Committee of the VR/AR Association (VRARA).

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