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Medtronic McGrath™

VR / Healthcare

VR Intubation Simulation

Medtronic McGrath™

VR intubation simulation solution created to present the advantage of McGrath MAC © video laryngoscope in a fully immersive 3-dimensional operating room (OR) at conferences and exhibitions worldwide. Complete with a pulse oximeter, cardiac monitor, surgical lighting, and OR equipment sounds, the VR experience blurs the boundaries of the tactile barrier allowing users of any age to fully immerse into the experience within 2 minutes and feel the exact sensation of a real intubation process.


This solution allows to demonstrate a new angle of the existing intubation procedure minimizing technical difficulties and maximizing the number of users who can try the procedures on a virtual patient in a safe and immersive environment by providing:

A hands-on experience that combines a realistic variety and difficulty of patient scenarios and intubation cases.

Immediate assessment of performed procedure based on a step by intubation tracking and evaluation system.

Relevant data for academic research of VR use for intubation training.

An attention-grabbing exposition for the new McGrath MAC © video laryngoscope, which boosts product and brand awareness, increasing the product ROI. 

An opportunity for medical specialists to train, correct, and supervise their colleagues, specialists, and students maximizing safety and the success rate of the intubation process for the real patients.

A remote live multiplayer simulation, allowing an external specialist to supervise, advise, oversee, and learn in an immersive OR environment in real-time.

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