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VR Visual Field Testing in Neurosurgery

Future Proof


The objective of the project was to explore the capabilities of modern VR technology for preoperative and intraoperative visual field testing in neurosurgery. The main tension was the limitations of currently used devices like Humphrey field analyzer (HFA) due to the subjectiveness of result interpretation based on reliability indicators determined and assessed by an examiner. Created solution combined optically accurate positioning and scaling with fully configurable point patterns, providing information on the location of any disease processes or lesion(s) throughout the visual pathway.


The VR experience was to guide and contribute to the diagnosis of conditions affecting the patient's vision in a more precise and controlled environment based on several functionalities:   

Configurable background, adjustable foreground colors and brightness suitable and customizable to any procedure protocol that allows to monitor and track if the brain is responding correctly to the visual simulation.

Separated on-screen (non-VR) UI for technician controlling the procedure flow and medical personnel in charge of facilitating the procedure to observe and track real-time stats and configurations.

VR controller-based input for visual field testing and possibility to fine-tune and remaster the experience for procedure, repurposing for any necessary surgical or patient case.

Real-time eye-tracking to improve visual field test reliability by guaranteeing the showed patterns are around the patient’s line of sight.

Easy introduction of custom-made brief real-time adaptive testing algorithm for intraoperative use.

Binocular and monocular testing.

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