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Aerospace VR Maintenance Simulation


The main objective of the project was to create a VR for jet turbine engine maintenance training environment for specialists in charge of regular technical reviews and checks of civil aircraft, including every step of the procedure from disassembling to cleaning, oiling, testing and reassembling, in order to improve the quality of performed maintenance work. The simulation enables users to train and ensure process precision, reduce the number of corrective steps required, minimize engine post maintenance release time, and process lead time. The uniqueness of this project was the need to create an identical 1-to-1 graphical and industry standards  protocol following replica of the hangar working space (complete with work personnel, equipment, vehicles, technicians working space and safety markings as per a real maintenance procedure) based on measures, 360 video and source materials, 3d facility model of the full facility, pictures from selected angles and technical documentation due to security restrictions on physically visiting the site.


The solution was designed and developed in the form of a VR simulation for a set of VR devices where workers could train and get to know the sophisticated machinery as well as learn the assembly methodology. The training tool proved to be successful, enabling several functional capabilities:

Recreating common maintenance scenarios for jet engines.

Simulating physical interaction with the jet engine elements, replicating mass, volume, fragility, handling (single handed/double handed) and tools interaction.

Training single or multiple technicians simultaneously in a joint virtual space according to     maintenance protocol.

Minimizing human factors with the help of iterative training of trial and error.

Recording and storing user profiles with comprehensive training histories, evaluation and certification.

Scalability of solution, possibility to equip a training center to hold simultaneous real-time training     sessions for a large number of technical specialists.

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