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AR / Entertainment / Multimedia

5G Live AR Tracking Broadcasting


A one of a kind project created to demonstrate the low latency and high bandwidth of data transfer capabilities using 5G, which was previously not possible with 4G. We created a solution that allowed us to stream real-time full-body motion, facial emotions, and voice capture from multiple performers simultaneously, demonstrate the capability of producing and using a new type of content that can only be done with 5G.


This solution combined Noitom Perception Neuron Suit for motion tracking worn by the performer with the iPhone X camera facial capture and was realized through:


Streaming of full-body motion tracking, facial animation and voice in real-time from the performer on the stage to the AR capable mobile devices worldwide.

High-speed 5G, lag-free, smooth broadcasting experience. 

Comparably inexpensive broadcasting solution.

Easy set-up and roll-out settings. 

Actor real-time avatar control from any 5G supported location. 

Custom made server that enables the user to pack, route, transcode, translate, and distribute data across to users worldwide.

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